iStock_000016268817_FullOften during divorce comes the sale of the marital home. In divorce situations, the relationship between the sellers and the Realtor® should be a little bit different to ensure the best outcome and experience.

5 Tips for Selling A Home During Divorce

  1. The divorcing couple must select one Realtor. It may be difficult to agree, but it is important that a single Realtor, who can work for the best mutual outcome, represents the couple in their sale. When interviewing and selecting a Realtor, ask about their experience and knowledge in working with divorcing clients.

2. Be sure that your Realtor understands the situation. Provide your Realtor with contact information for the attorneys, and written authorization for the Realtor to contact them.

3. If you have already filed papers with the court for the divorce, verify that the court and both attorneys have agreed to the sale of the marital home. Usually a release from Lis Pendens is required. Provide a copy of any documentation allowing the sale to your Realtor.

4. Establish sale guidelines with your Realtor.

  • What is the best method of equitable communication for the divorcing couple?
  • What is a realistic sales price? What is the lowest acceptable offer price?
  • When and how may showings occur? Who should be contacted when there is a showing?
  • Who will be responsible for any necessary pre-sale or pre-closing repairs?
  • Agreement on which appliances, etc. convey with the sale of the property.

5. Expect that your Realtor will be communicating equally to both parties and may also be communicating with your attorneys. This may mean conference calls, emails, etc. with your soon-to-be-ex. Best to be prepared emotionally for joint communications. And always remember that the Realtor is working for the best mutual outcome.

While selling the marital home may be challenging emotionally, the sale of the home can allow for improved distribution of assets during the settlement and the opportunity for a fresh start in a new home.

Questions about your options for selling (or buying) a home during or after divorce? A Certified Divorce Lending Professional® such as myself can help!