About Rebecca

When buying or refinancing a home, you are making a significant investment. My goals are to help you find the best loan for your personal goals, to provide a professional loan experience, and to close your loan on time.

My greatest business strength is in solving complex problems. I’ve used this skill to tackle many challenges while working for Dell and IBM. Today I am combining this skill with expertise in mortgage lending to help people find the best home loan solutions, particularly for those needing jumbo loans or who need home financing guidance during a divorce.

What should you expect? Expert lending solutions, a professional approach and a personal touch.

Need a new home loan? Buying a house? Buying an investment or vacation property? Looking to refinance? Getting divorced and not sure how to manage your mortgage? If you have a home loan challenge, let’s get started on finding your best solution.


I am a jumbo loan specialist, with 40% of my loans over the $417,000 jumbo designation.

I am a regular contributor to the Mortgage Section of BestCashCow.com, a website dedicated to helping consumers save and earn more.

I am a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, offering specialized assistance to family law attorneys and individuals in a divorce situation navigate the options and complicated details related to dividing property, managing current mortgages, and preparing for future mortgages.


My experience spans banking, strategy consulting, and high-tech marketing. A bit unusual for a mortgage lender, buy my customers benefit by the different, better, and more personalized service I deliver.

If you’re wondering how I chose mortgage lending as a career, check out this post on LinkedIn.

What do others say about me?

“I am impressed with Rebecca’s ability to analyze a problem, develop sound recommendations, and take action to implement.”

“Rebecca is extremely responsive.  She is thoughtful around which actions to pursue and which to not.”

“Thank you for making the last few months so inspiring and enjoyable – you made such a difference.”

“During the time we worked together, there were many, many challenges and points of tension, over which many other professionals might have ‘cracked’, but not Rebecca.  She is the consummate professional: able to analyze situations dispassionately and separate her personal feelings from what is right for the business; able to communicate the business goals, decision making process and priorities in a clear and actionable way; and able to maintain a sense of proportion, humor and empathy for those involved”

“Rebecca is a very quick study – sharp and analytical – yet also able to focus and maintain that focus over time in order to drive projects to completion.  I have met few people in my working career of over three decades who are as productive and effective as she is.”

“Rebecca is a great strategic thinker and always delivered well thought out and comprehensive plans. Rebecca puts the customer first.  She is excellent at getting to the root of issues and finding a solution that meets or exceeds the expectations of everyone involved.”

Fun Stuff

jackswimmingI’ve lived in Austin for 20 years and still love it. My husband, JR, and I have a chocolate lab and a cat. I love homes, design and architecture. I am a tennis fanatic and I also enjoy skiing.Rebecca&JR-127