It’s August! Summer has flown by. And we’ve been busy.SD sunset august 2016

First, we closed on our new home! (see more on Our Next Dream Home here) We also kicked off a renovation of that new home and some of our interior design projects.

Then we headed off to San Diego for our annual trip. What fun! We went sailing on the bay, played tennis several times (we tried the La Jolla Tennis Club, which was quite nice), played smash ball on the beach, went boogie boarding, etc. And of course, we gathered around the TV daily for the Olympics. We love the Olympics! The swimming and gymnastics last week were really incredible. And of course we watched a ton of Olympic tennis (so happy to see Juan Martin del Potro back and playing so well).

Now we’re in Cincinnati visiting my mother and watching more tennis in Mason at the Western & Southern Open. And of course we made a stop at Midwest Sports (new tennis shoes and clothes!), my tennis gear mecca.

We’ve also been reading a ton this summer. Our latest book obsession is The Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin. I’m in the first third of book 2 while JR finished the series a couple of days ago. The author lives in Houston and much of the story takes place in Texas and Colorado. The characters are really intriguing and you never know what will happen next. I would have read it non-stop over the last week or so if I hadn’t had to work, watch the Olympics and hang out at the beach. The books are long, but in the best way possible. Highly recommended.

I hope all of you are having a great summer too!