I’ve already received many inquiries about the impact of BREXIT on mortgage rates. While the dust is still settling after voters in Great Britain chose to leave the European Union, there is one clear impact on the financial markets: investors are less interested in stocks, and more interested in bonds. That means the “Brexit” vote is good news for the mortgage industry – interest rates could go even lower.
If you’ve been thinking about any type of home financing, this is your chance to save money.
  • If the rates are lower than what you have, now is the time to refinance.
  • If you’re looking to buy a new home, the low rates will be in your favor—you could buy more home, or get lower monthly payments.
  • If your home needs repair or remodeling, the low rates could make using our unique renovation loan an easy move.

Call me to get started today. I’ll start the application process, which can include locking your low rate to take advantage of this historic event.