Part of the emotional baggage of divorce is the destruction of dreams. As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional®, my main objective is to help divorcing individuals discover – and bring to life – new home ownership dreams.

While a CDLP can help during and/or after the divorce process, getting me involved from the beginning of the divorce process can help divorcing individuals avoid many potential financing struggles. My responsibilities include:

Preparation and Planning

  • Document current residential property ownership, valuation and obligations
  • Identify viable options for division of residential property in partnership with an attorneycdlp help during or after
  • Provide guidance on dividing residential property debt
  • Understand future home ownership goals and financial situation

Creating a Workable Settlement

  • Participate in Client Strategy Sessions to identify and explain alternative options to achieve client’s goals relative to residential real estate
  • Pre-settlement  preparation for post divorce transactions, in partnership with an attorney

Lead the Transaction Process

  • Lead the processing and underwriting of post-settlement residential property transactions (Mortgages on new property or Refinancing existing property)
  • Gathering necessary documentation
  • Preparing pre-qualification and quotes
  • Working with the Realtor and/or Title Company to close the new loan

The intersection of divorce and family law, IRS tax rules, and mortgage lending requirements is complicated, but I can help. Contact me for help discovering and realizing new, post-divorce home ownership dreams.