Yet another timely post from the PrimeLending blog! We are beginning to think about decorating our new house and we will need more artwork. In our Taos condo, we’re planning to take advantage of tip #2 with a ski related image. And I’ll add my own tips:

  1. Use Command Adhesive strips to hang your photos instead of nails! These make it much easier to create a gallery wall look, move wall hangings later on, and also save your walls.
  2. Map out a gallery wall – or even just a handful of items for a wall – using blue painters tape. The tape helps keep your lines clear without marking the wall with pencil.


12 Ideas to Dress Up a Room Without Breaking the Bank

Decorating the walls in your home can be a delicate balance between creating clutter and avoiding a cold, sterile, uninviting environment. When you have a blank wall to work with, what do you do with all of that space?

Filling empty wall space can be mind-boggling, and even pricey. Keep in mind that there’s no need to fill every inch of empty space, or spend a lot of money doing it. Here are some tasteful and affordable decorating tips to help you fill a blank wall:

Create Depth with Reflection — Finding the right mirror for your wall can serve as both a decorative element while adding depth and making the room feel larger. A mirror never goes out of style, so your investment will be worth it.

One-of-a-Kind Art Collection — Choose a favorite photo of landscape or scenery. Divide the image into multiple equal parts and enlarge each section, printing it on canvas, wood or even ceramic tile. Hang each print on the wall, leaving about two inches in between to create a unique custom art piece.

Gallery Wall — Turn your large, blank wall into a gallery wall to display your collection of art or photos. Frame art/photos in matching frames, or mix and match frame colors and finishes. Let your imagination run wild; a gallery wall isn’t just for photos or artwork. Add in unique elements like a large monogram letter or decorative pieces like antique corbels. Be sure to map out your gallery wall before you start putting nails in the wall to be sure you get the spacing just right.

Living Wall — Bring some green into your space with a vertical garden. Living walls help create a natural, organic look and give you a space to put your green thumb on display. If you choose a vertical garden for your blank wall, be sure it is in a space that gets plenty of natural light.

Chalkboard — Whether or not you’ve got children, a large chalkboard or even an entire chalkboard wall can add a fun and quirky touch to your home. Use the chalkboard to display favorite quotes, or write out your weekly schedule, to-do list or dinner menu. Let your children release their inner artists with doodles and drawings to brighten your space.

Vintage Sign — Throwback pieces are all the rage right now. Shop antique stores, yard sales and junk shops for the perfect vintage sign to compliment your space. If you can’t find one large sign, create a gallery of sorts with several smaller signs hung together.

Children’s Art Display — Do you have a budding Picasso in your home? Choose some favorites from your child’s art display, enlarge them and frame them to hang on a large wall in your dining room or living space.

Typography — Remind yourself of meaningful messages with typography. Black and white keeps things neutral, while colored pieces can help brighten up an otherwise drab space.

Antique Plate Collection — Do you love to collect plates and china, or do you have a collection your grandmother passed down to you? Create a fun pattern on the wall with some of your favorite pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix pattern, color and even size for more visual interest.

Barn Wood Wall — Hang reclaimed barn wood horizontally along your blank wall to bring in a touch of rustic charm. Wood accent walls make a great statement in any room.

Floating Shelves — Create visual interest by hanging a set of floating shelves staggered on the wall. Floating shelves also provide a space to showcase some of your favorite collectibles or photos without taking up the real estate that a larger table or shelving unit would occupy.

Texture with Textiles — Why hide away vintage quilts or antique tapestries in a chest for none to enjoy, when you can create a stunning wall display for all to enjoy? Create a focal point by hanging your textiles on a curtain rod with clip-style rings to add texture and beauty to your empty wall space.

Framed Maps or Blueprints — If you’ve got blueprints of your home, a collection of maps of your favorite destinations, or even aerial photos of an old family homestead, put them on display in simple frames with clean lines.

Decorating your home on a budget can be a challenge, but with these tips, you can dress up any blank wall without emptying your wallet.

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From the PrimeLending blog by Mandy Jordan