With the renovation on our new home underway, we are definitely taking the time to figure out what should go where and how we want all the pieces to fit together. These organization tips are quite helpful and easy to implement – check them out!

Simple Organization Tips To Keep Every Room Neat And Tidy

Tired of tripping over kids’ toys, or digging through drawers to find that one utensil you always use but can never seem to find? Keeping your home organized may seem like a monumental task, but these tips, tricks and tools can help.

Some DIY and some store-bought, these organization tools will help bring out your inner Martha Stewart (and may even restore a bit of your sanity).


Peg shelves to free up the entryway floor and closet. Hang jackets, bags, umbrellas and even rain boots.

Entry bench with storage under the seat to hold items like dog leashes, or a bench with storage bins to stash each family member’s go-to items.

Custom-built under-the-stairs slide-out drawers make for convenient storage in one of your home’s most under-utilized spaces.


Slide-out cookware storage allows you to keep your pots and pans neatly organized and easy to get to when you need them.

Use a rolling cart for a dedicated space for your most common kitchen activities, such as lunch making. Store all items you need for that activity — cutting board, knives, baggies, etc — in the cart for easy access.

Tension rods under the cabinet can be used to keep cleaning products in one place, and add space on the cabinet shelf for other under-the-sink necessities.

Paint a chalkboard accent wall to jot down reminders, weekly menu or your grocery list. It also doubles as a space for the kids to doodle while you cook dinner.

A file organizer can double as an organizer for cutting boards and cookie sheets. Use a magazine holder to organize foil, plastic wrap and boxes of food storage bags.

Free up counter space by emptying your wooden knife block and storing knives on a magnetic strip mounted on the wall. Be sure the strip is placed high enough to keep it away from curious little hands.

Laundry Room

Keep clothes hanging neatly while the dry with a retractable wall-mounted drying rack.

A three-bin laundry sorter can help family members separate colors, whites and delicates.

Use a hanging shower caddy to tote cleaning supplies from room to room. Simply hang over the doorknob in the room you’re in at the time.


Hinge hooks make clever use of the unused space behind doors where you can hang bath towels or robes.

Dedicate a bathroom caddy for each member of the family to store shampoo, hairbrushes, toothpaste, and other personal care items.

A carousel organizer can be used to store beauty products including makeup, lipstick and brushes on your vanity countertop.


An under-the-bed gift wrap organizer will keep rolls of wrapping paper neat and tidy, where the paper won’t get bent up and torn.

Attach casters to a wooden box, wine crate or drawer from an old chest to create under-bed drawers to organize blankets, linens and even clothes.

Use orphaned teacups and saucers to create beautiful storage vessels for sorting jewelry. Arrange in the top drawer of your chest where they’ll be easy to see. Line the drawer with linen or felt to keep the dishware from sliding and rattling.


Milk crates to create cubbies on closet shelves allow you to organize shoes, gear and other items.

Make more of the space you have by packing out-of-season clothes and spare linens in vacuum-sealed bags.

Keep belts hanging tangle-free using shower rings as makeshift hangers.

A tension rod inside your closet gives you space to hang scarves all nice and neat.

Kids’ Room

Mount a wire garden planter on the wall, just high enough off the floor for your little one to reach. Use the planter to keep toys up off the floor.

A hanging closet shelving unit with one pocket designated for each day of the week can help simplify school mornings for your kids. Each weekend, pick out your child’s clothes for the week and put them in the appropriate pocket so your kiddo will know exactly what to grab during the morning rush before school.


Flexible cord ties can keep all those cords contained and tangle-free under your desk or in a drawer.

Set up a charging station that conceals cords and keeps electronics stored in a single easily accessible place.

Create a household manual made of a three-ring binder to keep essential information, such as emergency contact info, name of your vet, school rosters, medication doses, alarm codes, etc.

Unload that pile of your kids’ artwork with a creative display to showcase their talent. Choose only a handful of pieces to save in a keepsake box and rotate through the others in your special display.


Mount a pegboard on the garage wall to keep tools neatly organized and within reach.

Remove the tripping hazards and store sports gear and balls in a mesh laundry bag kept on a hook on the garage wall.

A garage organization system, such as Fast Track® allows you to create a customized garage system to organize tools, cords and more.


Use a toy cart or roller bin to make outdoor cleanup a breeze.

A large planter box can double as poolside towel storage.

A foot washing station, made of a small box with stones, creates a simple space to clean dirty feet before heading back indoors.

Stack wooden crates and attach casters to the bottom to make a DIY outdoor barbeque station.

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From the PrimeLending blog by Mandy Jordan.