Recently, JR and I decided it was time to downsize.

We’ve been married for almost 6 years and we’ve loved the home we’ve lived in during that time. We found this house right before our wedding and moved in shortly after returning from our honeymoon.

I Won't Let this Happen to You!

When JR and I bought our first home together, the financing process was a nightmare. (Obviously we weren’t using PrimeLending.) This was in 2010, so the financial institutions were still figuring out their new guidelines, etc. after the 2008 mortgage crisis. We were to close on our new home on August 2, a few days after returning from our honeymoon. Before our wedding, we were given an update that all was moving along well and on time, but that changed while we were away. Just a few days before we were to close, we discovered that the lender’s investor was doing a second level review of our file and that they wanted a ton of additional information. So, for nearly two weeks, we had nowhere to live and were out of contract on our dream home. It was awful and unbelievably stressful. And definitely not the way we wanted to start our marriage. Eventually our mortgage broker found us an alternative loan and was able to get the deal done for us. This experience sticks with me to this day. If you are my client, I will not allow this to happen to you!


But as time has gone by, we’ve traveled more and more each year. And we’ve found that our lovely home is far too big for us – we have lots of space we rarely use. With property taxes as high as they are in Austin, it really didn’t make sense for us to be paying so much for space we didn’t really need. So…we put our house on the market.

The first step was to get our house ready. This meant de-cluttering and bringing in a stager to help make the most of our space. Luckily we’re pretty good about de-cluttering regularly, so this was an easy process. The stager helped us with setting up our unused spaces nicely. The photographer came and took really lovely pictures of our home. And in mid-March, we were officially on the market!

Good news! We went under contract a few weeks ago and are currently expected to close in July. (Note: the buyers chose a to use a different lender – a lender who is unable to close in 30 days. Luckily this is not an issue for us, but it often is. Choose your lender wisely!)

Our journey is just beginning, but I’m finding it very interesting┬áto sell and buy a house now that I’m part of the real estate industry.

Now, we begin house hunting…