As part of our decision to downsize, JR and I spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted for our next home.

We started with two key desires: a home of approximately 1600-2000 square feet and an opportunity to remodel. And we ended up with 2 home types to consider:

  1. a condo
  2. a 1930s-40s bungalow style home


A condo makes a lot of sense for us, given how much we travel. Being able to leave at any time without thinking about the yard, etc. would be handy. There are many condo buildings in Austin that have units that fit our size requirement, and some are old enough that they are ready for at least a cosmetic face lift. We’re also interested in some of the amenities of a condo, such as a pool and a gym. But with Jack, we realize we need a condo building that isn’t too tall so we have easy in and out for him.

A bungalow style home is something that we are both very attracted to. I’ve owned two bungalow homes and really loved the character. They tend to fall in the size range we are looking for (or close enough that we could add on if needed).

In my previous homes, I did a lot of projects and I loved doing them. I painted a lot of walls and cabinets, completely renovated a kitchen and two bathrooms, and much more. With our current home, everything is new and there isn’t anything to work on. I’ve realized I’ve missed the projects. And after JR and I completed some small projects, I’ve discovered that he is quite handy.

Other things that really matter to us are:

  • lots of light/windows
  • great trees outside the windows
  • a good neighborhood feel
  • walkability (for Jack)
  • central Austin
  • space for two home offices

With this knowledge in hand, we begin our search for a new home!