Older home = lots of inspections. In addition to the “normal” inspection, we also had a pest inspection, foundation inspection and an HVAC inspection done. And boy are we glad we did.

The foundation inspection indicated a very solid foundation with no issues. The foundation is pier and beam, which has the benefits of easy access to plumbing and wiring if you want to change something, but also often means shifting and uneven floors in Austin.

The pest inspection also had a good result – no issues found.

But then came the bad news.

The normal inspection turned up a ton of issues, from rotting wood around theĀ french doors, potential issues with the grand trees, water accumulating under the home, missing junction boxes, duct work sitting on the ground beneath the house, an unsafe water heater, and much more. No deal breakers for us, but the need for significant repairs was clear.

And the HVAC inspection was worse – a major overhaul is needed, with several large pieces needing a replacement.

So…back to the negotiating table we went, asking the seller’s to reduce our price by a significant amount to cover the biggest issues.

Back and forth we went. At one point, JR and I decided we were done and asked our realtor to terminate the contract. But the sellers finally agreed. And so, we are now out of our option period and ready to move on!

It was a tough few days of news and negotiations, but in the end we are really pleased with how things turned out. Now we’re only a few steps away from closing!