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Thinking about refinancing? Get answers to the most common questions about refinancing with my downloadable Refinancing Guide here:

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Wondering If Refinancing Makes Sense? Try Our Calculator And See For Yourself.

The Fed has raised the current interest rates and likely will raise them more in the coming year. But interest rates are still low. Does it make sense to do something decisive like refinancing your mortgage? It all comes down to the numbers.

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Refinance to Save: Rich and Lynne

Want to save money each month? If you haven’t refinanced your mortgage in the last couple of years, now may be a great time to take advantage of historically low rates to create monthly savings. See how Rich and Lynne saved over $500 a month.

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Refinance to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster: Pam and Mark

Want to pay off your mortgage sooner? If you haven’t refinanced your mortgage in the last couple of years, now may be a great time to take advantage of historically low rates and pay your mortgage off sooner. Learn how Pam and Mark went from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage (and saved money each month).

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Refi to Remodel: Clark & Brianna

Thinking about a home renovation, but not sure how to pay for it? Consider a cash out refinance!
A cash out refinance allows you to take advantage of the existing equity in your home to obtain cash. You can do anything you want with the cash, but re-investing that money into a remodel is a great idea.
Check out this case study on Clark and Brianna’s cash out refinance.

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Is Mortgage Refinancing A Smart Way To Pay Off Personal Debt?

With interest rates continuing at historically low rates, now is a fantastic time to consider refinancing. There are many reasons to refinance, and using the equity from your home to pay off other debts is just one. If you are interested in refinancing, give me a call for a personalized refinance analysis.

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What’s The Best Way To Pay For Home Renovations?

Cash-Out Refinancing Vs. Home Equity Loans Is it too much to ask for your home to take care of itself once in a while? To cover the costs of needed repairs or remodeling on its own? Not really! There are loans available that let you use your home’s equity as...

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BREXIT May Mean Home Financing Opportunities for You

I've already received many inquiries about the impact of BREXIT on mortgage rates. While the dust is still settling after voters in Great Britain chose to leave the European Union, there is one clear impact on the financial markets: investors are less interested in...

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