What Your Front Door Says About You!

12-20-Front-Door-ArticleThe first impression of your home hangs a lot on your front door — the “statement piece” of your home. After all, for centuries front doors have told us stories of the residents within. From religious-influenced color choices and adornments, to classic- and modern-style craft designs, a front door can reveal a lot about yourself to passer-byers. So what does your front door say about you?

Whether you’re styling your home to sell, styling to tell your story, or styling with bells for the holidays, here are some interesting facts and expert advice to help you choose the color, style and décor that fits your home best.

Styling to Sell

If you’re in the home-selling market, your front door will be your potential buyer’s first focal point. It’s also the backdrop where many housing conversations take place between buyers and their real estate agents. So make your front door inviting with a smart color choice.

Debbie Baumann, a professional home stager and owner of Dallas-based Stage Secrets, says that your front-door color should make a statement, while still complementing the home’s exterior color scheme.

“Most often, we recommend that homeowners apply a fresh coat of paint color that matches the trim of the house or other exterior color elements,” says Baumann. “While blues, greens and browns are commonly used, our go-to color recommendation is usually a glossy black. A black door can give a home just the right amount of pop to enhance curb appeal, and it usually blends well with the other homes in the neighborhood.”

Other homeowners opt away from bolder colors, like black, and choose from a more neutral or muted-color palate. Renowned North American paint company Benjamin Moore lists its front-door color recommendations as dinner party, yorktowne green and tate olive.

If you find yourself needing to completely replace your front door, PrimeLending suggests sticking with a classic style, like a frame and panel door, that has sustained popularity throughout centuries of home building. We also suggest:

  • Drive your neighborhood to check out your neighbors’ front doors.
  • Check with your homeowners’ association for any exterior design rules.
  • Consider installing a door with top windows, an arch window or framed windows, to add natural light to your entryway and create more curb appeal.
  • Choose a style and color that both blends well with your neighbors’ homes, as well as stands on its own to attract potential homeowners.

 Styling to Tell

When personalizing your home for “you,” and not for selling purposes, your color and style options are endless. But remember, your front door is a reflection of you! What story should it tell? Are you Artistic? A traditionalist? Extrovert? Conservative? Into Feng Shui?

Achieving Feng Shui

Feng Shui guidelines list very specific front-door colors and material, depending on the door’s direction. For example, if your front door faces North, Feng Shui style calls for a terra cotta door, painted orange, purple or yellow. South facing doors should be wood and painted red, pink or purple.

The Red Door

Many homeowners gravitate toward red for their front-door color, whether it’s a favorite color or because of a symbolic meaning. In biblical times, smeared blood from a lamb on a front door represented God’s protection. Later, many Christians began painting their doors red as a symbol of that protection. In early American years, a red door was a sign to tired travelers that they were welcome in to rest. In Scotland, a red front door tells others that the homeowner has paid off the mortgage. In Feng Shui, red represents a welcoming energy.


Front Door Colors And Their Meanings

From claiming black as “elegant” and “orderly” to designating orange as the “social butterfly’s” color, home project service experts Pro.com lists 14 colors and their meanings. Here’s a quick glance:

  • Orange = Social Butterfly
  • Red = Hospitable
  • Blue = Well Grounded
  • Gray = Compromising
  • Green = Ambitious
  • Wood Finish = Generous
  • Black = Orderly
  • White = Organized
  • Brown = Trustworthy
  • Yellow = Creative
  • Turquoise = Romantic Dreamer
  • Glass = Open Minded
  • Pink = Hopeless Romantic
  • Purple = Risk Taker

Styling with Bells

Many homeowners love adding seasonal flair to their front doors, especially during the holiday season. These winter months are the perfect time for hanging a simple jingle-bell wreath, a do-it-yourself (DIY) garland and burlap creation, or going all out to create a North Pole entrance complete with Santa himself. It truly is the anything-goes season.

The wreath is probably the oldest and most popular front-door holiday tradition, as wreaths have a multitude of religious and cultural meanings dating back to ancient Roman times when wreaths were a symbol of victory. Like your front-door paint color, your wreath and other seasonal décor can say a lot about you. If you’re a traditionalist, you might opt to display a more classic wreath with greenery and festive live or fake flowers. If you prefer to stay on trend, you might find yourself hanging a burlap-wrapped wreath with wooden-craft decorations such as your family’s initial. If your hoping to be featured on the next episode of The Great Christmas Light Fight, you might choose a more elaborate wreath of bright lights that blink to the beat of holiday music.

For tips and tricks to creating your perfect front-door holiday décor, check out these helpful sites:

Your friends at PrimeLending wish you the best, brightest and perfectly-decorated holiday season. And if you find yourself styling your front door to sell, contact a PrimeLending home loan specialist that can help you choose the best mortgage plan for your next home.


From the PrimeLending blog, by Mandy Jordan