The US Open starts August 31! It should be a great tournament with Serena going for a calendar year Grand Slam, all the other women targeting her including recent break outs Elina Svitolina and Belinda Bencic, Novak and Murray hunting for their second US Open, Roger reaching for his 18th major…so many great story lines!

Soon after, it will be time for the Davis Cup Semifinals (September 18-20), and then the tours start the “Asian Swing” part of the tennis season with ATP events in Shenzhen and Kuala Lumpur and WTA events in Tokyo, Guangzhou, and Seoul.

Check out all the action on ESPN2 and Tennis Channel.

Tip of the Month: Watch the Ball

This tip is quite basic, but easy to forget after some time off and so critical to success on the court.

After spending 3 days watching the ball while the pros played, I found myself not watching the ball the next time I played. (And the results were not pretty – luckily I adjusted quickly.)

Remember, the key is to watch the ball hit the strings of your racket before looking to see where it goes and what your opponent is doing. Here’s a good video on this tip: