After lots of skiing earlier this month and cold/wet weather over the holidays in Austin, my tennis game courtsmartsis a little rusty. My first outing proved to be a fairly good one (I actually moved my feet vs. my feet thinking I would just glide to the ball!), likely because I stayed up far too late (again) watching the first round of the Australian Open.

I’m so happy to see professional tennis on TV again. So far there have been some interesting surprises and drama in the early rounds (Nadal, Errani, Wozniacki, Stosur, Stephens), encouraging wins (Noah Rubin of the USA), and schoolings by veterans (Novak, Maria, Roger).

As I watch the pros on TV, I will be working to get back into tennis form through cardio and intervals on the elliptical, agility drills, shoulder exercises, and on court playing drills. This is a great time of year (i.e. before leagues begin) to work on the basics and consistency. See you on court!