PrimeLending has recently introduced a new tool for our customers, which can dramatically simplify the documentation gathering process and speed the home loan process up to 5 days. This tool is called PointServ.


PointServ is a secure sourcing system that collects all personal information instantaneously, which helps PrimeLending eliminate time spent gathering and validating borrower documents resulting in faster turn times for the entire mortgage process.



  • PointServ delivers borrower’s tax returns, paystubs, W2 and bank statements directly from their sources
  • Fast and secure certified document deliveries that take minutes
  • No paper, no faxes, no scanners or email attachments
  • Bank level security and the system is regularly audited


In my experience thus far, the use of PointServ has enabled us to close a loan up to 5 days faster vs. other processes for gathering and validating documentation. We use the tool for all loan types – purchases and refinances. And it is another example of PrimeLending continuing investment in relationships and technologies that help streamline operations, provide added security, improve the customer experience and simplify the entire mortgage process. It’s just one of the ways that we make home loans.

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