Common Areas In The Home We Forget to Clean

Our second installment of our two-part blog series, “You Missed A Spot!” is here! In Part 1, we listed several places to clean that you may have missed such as windows, walls, furniture and more.

Today we’re sharing even more areas often-forgotten when cleaning your home, specific to your kitchen and laundry room. Use this guide as a best practice when deep cleaning your home.

CLEANING TIP: You don’t have to take these on all these tasks at once…think about adding one or two chores each week.

  1. Cabinets : Knobs :: Doors : Door Handles — Some of the things we use the most in our home, like cabinets and doors, are often the things that we forget the most to clean. And, these areas can carry some of the most amount of dirt and grime buildup, as well as germs. Wipe down your cabinets, knobs, doors and door handles with your preferred cleaning solution and a damp rag. Then go back over each surface with a microfiber towel to lift any residual dirt.
  2. Vent Hood — While a vent hood is essential for sucking out cooking fumes and odors, it’s a collection area for cooking grease. Wiping the hood once a week isn’t enough to manage grease buildup. Each month, remove the vent’s filters and, if applicable, clean them in the dishwasher (check the cleaning specifications for your type of vent hood). Or soak them in hot water with dishwashing liquid, gently scrub away grime, rinse, dry and return them to their resting place.
  3. Stove & Oven — Stoves and ovens come in all shapes, sizes and types. If you use a gas stove, you may already remove the burners to clean on a frequent schedule. Taking stove-top cleaning one step further, each month do a more thorough scrubbing by removing the knobs and any burner attachments. If you have an electric stove with a built-in vent, remove the vent cover frequently and clean out the vent’s interior. Next, focus on the oven. If it’s a combination oven with a stove-top unit, make sure to clean the crevices in between the stove and oven, as well as underneath the oven. Then once a month, clean out your oven using the oven’s self-cleaning option, or with your preferred kitchen cleaning solution and a gentle scrub brush.
  4. Washer, Dryer & Dishwasher — Washers, dryers and dishwashers work hard to clean our clothes and dishes. In the process, they can build up dirt, residue and moisture that can lead to a sour, mildew smell, as well as diminish their effectiveness. To give your cleaning appliances a thorough cleaning, refer to your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer instructions. Also, don’t forget to clean under, in-between and around these appliances.
  5. Small Appliances — Many people couldn’t get going in the mornings without their coffeemakers and toaster ovens. Yet these small appliances are among many that are often neglected on cleaning day. At least once a month, take time to thoroughly clean inside, outside and all around your commonly used small appliances. For coffeemakers, running a brew cycle of equal parts water and white vinegar, followed by more brew cycles of just water usually does the trick. As with all appliances, refer to your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  6. Garbage disposal — After frequent uses, your garbage disposal can become quite the stinker! Professional moving company Two Men & A Truck suggests using a ½ cup of lemon juice and a ½ cup of baking soda to clear the stench. Heat the lemon juice in a microwave for 30 seconds, slowly add the baking soda, mix well, turn on the disposal and pour down the drain. Rinse away any remaining mixture with hot water. Repeat as often as needed until your disposal smells lemon fresh!
  7. Refrigerator Coils — Hopefully, you’ve developed a habit of regularly cleaning out your refrigerator, but additional cleaning is essential to keep it running at its best. It’s important to clean the refrigerator coils, which are typically found under or behind the unit. Dust buildup around the coils can cause the unit to release more heat, lose its efficiency and increase your overall energy costs. Make sure to unplug your refrigerator before cleaning the coils. Also, don’t forget to clean the top, bottom and all around the appliance.
  8. Trash Cans — Remember that occasionally you’ve got to take out the trash with the trash! If you don’t give your indoor and outdoor receptacle bins a good scrubbing with a strong kitchen-cleaning solution, or a mixture of water and vinegar, they can quickly become home to mildew, bacteria and other harmful toxins. We recommend washing your trash bins outside, using your preferred cleaning solution, a strong water-hose sprayer, and a long scrub brush.

PrimeLending is always here to help you with tips to effectively manage a beautiful and clean home. We hope this blog series has encouraged you to start prioritizing these areas in your home which need to be cleaned, but are often left out. If you’re in search of a new home where you can put these best practices into place, contact a PrimeLending mortgage loan expert regarding your loan options.

From the PrimeLending blog, by Mandy Jordan